Our Story

Thank you for shopping with us!

Scencio Co. was created to help each of us navigate life. We started to extend a legacy of creation from handmade products in the United States of America.  Each product is made in Round Rock, TX and packaged with love and thoughtfulness.

The name Scencio is derived from the founder's grandfather's name. Before he passed she sat down with him and asked him what kind of legacy he hopes to leave behind. He looked down at his hands and said "I have always wanted to do something with my hands". Through his life he impacted countless lives spiritually, mentally and physically. He truly did the work of God and listened to his call using his hands as an instrument too that calling.  

Madalyn founded Scencio Co with the idea in mind to make handmade products with naturally occurring elements with purpose and guidance. It has since evolved to handmade bracelets that have meaning, purpose and support each of our calling.

Madalyn wore these bracelets in times of uncertainty and they provided her with support and hope. Madalyn wants to extend the gift of these designs to help you navigate through life to be your best self. 

We hope you enjoy the designs we will continue to deliver and if you have any specific needs or designs you would like to see please feel free to share them with us!