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DETAILS: Each of our Lenten journey is different. We all have a special time to reflect and carry our own cross through these 40 days.  This bracelet is to remind yourself daily to trust in your Lenten journey. Living each day with peace to ourselves and others as we walk in our own desert of life. 

GEMSTONES: Real natural Pyrite stones represents the cross we carry. One cross represents you the other Jesus walking along with you. A reminder to believe in your strength and trust in Jesus. 

Amethyst in this Faith Collection represents clarity and peace. Reminding us to live with a clear and peaceful mind, body and spirit.  Each bead acts as a reminder to pray, fast and to give to others. To be mindful of the temptations Jesus faced when he was in the desert and how we experience our own temptations in this journey. 

BASE STONE AND SEED BEADS: Real Olive wood from Bethlehem is the base wood bead. This gives a reminder to extend our peace to others.

SIZES: Available in X-Small (6 in), Small (6.5in), Medium (7in), Large ( and X-Large (8in)

STRETCH CORD: Handmade in the USA with a strong durable latex free stretch cord.

SPECIAL NOTE: Created with 6,8 and 12mm beads. Gemstones and Olive wood beads are natural, each bracelet is slightly different. Special care is recommended to have a long lasting bracelet. Roll when placing on wrist, be careful not to overstretch. Remove before showering or swimming.

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